Truck Racing - Just like being there!


After the website, dynamic truck racing simulators, the video game for PCs, smartphones and the iPad, Renault Trucks is now doing even more to share its passion for racing. For aficionados will now be able to follow all four races taking place next weekend, on 30 June and 1 July, at Donington (United Kingdom) simply by connecting to the site. Video streaming of the races will be accessible via a computer, an iPad or even a smartphone!

Experience the race as if you were at the track! This is what Renault Trucks is offering all truck and competition enthusiasts. By means of seven cameras covering the entire circuit and two cameras on board the Renault Trucks-MKR Technology Premium Racing vehicles, fans will be able to follow each event in detail. For every race in the next Grand Prix, which is being held in Donington (UK), will be streamed on the site. As the weekend progresses, each of the four races will be available, with a slight delay, on the site and then as replays via Dailymotion. To view or re-view the races, you simply need to access the Internet and connect to the "live" part of the site.

This new functionality offered by Renault Trucks complements the other initiatives taken by the manufacturer such as sharing videos on Youtube and Dailymotion. These of course also include development of the Renault Trucks Racing application, a truck racing simulation videogame which has already been downloaded 275,000 times, available for PCs, the iPad and smartphones.

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