Vital in all motorsports, reliability was once again demonstrated by the Renault Trucks-MKR Technology team this weekend. With the three trucks completing three races out of four and getting a podium in the last race, the team racked up a number of valuable points which could prove decisive for the Championship. The first Grand Prix of the season to be held in France, the event at Nogaro was, as usual, a huge success - and an opportunity for Renault Trucks to invite over 500 customers to the track where the Renault Premium Truck Racing special edition naturally stole the show.


"To be first across the line you first have to get there." It was with this old adage from commendatore Enzo Ferrari in mind that the MKR-Technology team approached the fourth event of the season at Nogaro, the first European Championship Grand Prix to be held in France this year. Having come up against a few technical problems at the very start of the season, the priority here was to make sure the trucks crossed the finishing line. On this point, and despite the extremely changeable weather conditions ranging from rain to intense heat that the team had to deal with, the weekend closed on a positive note with all three trucks completing the race in three races out of four. And in the last race of the weekend, the podium was almost totally red and black with Adam Lacko coming in second, Markus Bösiger third and Markus Oestreich, fourth. This earned the team a number of valuable points which, at the end of the season, could prove to be decisive for the Championship crown. Renault Trucks-MKR

Technology is still second in the overall rankings with 270 points while the Team Junior is fourth. As for the drivers, Markus Oestreich retains his 3rd position with 122 points, Adam Lacko is 5th with 108 points and Markus Bösiger is 6th with 92 points.


The first European Championship Grand Prix to be held in France this year, Nogaro was, as usual, a tremendously popular event. Despite weather conditions that were not always favourable and rather changeable, spectator numbers were at an all-time high, continuing the satisfyingly upward trend established over the past few years. They were given the opportunity of seeing several Renault Premium Long Distance Truck Racing special editions at the entry to the paddock and a Premium Long Distance also served as the pace truck throughout the weekend. The next races will take place on 8 and 9 July in Germany at the Nürburgring track.