Jarama: Renault Trucks-MKR Technology wins the European Truck Racing Team Championship !


During this 9th and final stage of the European Truck Racing Championship, which took plac on 2 and 3 October at Jarama in Spain, the two Renault Trucks - MKR Technology drivers were the unchallenged stars of the weekend. The "Markus duo” pulled off a pair of one-twos, occupying the two steps the podium during the first races on the Saturday and Sunday - with Bösiger coming in first on the Saturday, and Oestreich echoing the feat on the Sunday. The second race on Saturday saw M. Oestreich earn 3rd place, as did M. Bösiger in the third. However, during the fourth race the Markus duo was quite simply nowhere to be seen among the top finishers, both of them having been pushed off the track. With 43 points out of 60 won during the weekend by German driver Markus Oestreich, and 42 by Swiss driver Markus Bösiger, these were the two top scoring drivers in the event. Having amassed a total of 335 points, Markus Bösiger retained the N°2 position, while Markus Oestreich just missed a podium ranking, coming in 4th with a total of 293 points.

It is also worth noting that the team has enjoyed a flood of victories and podiums ever since the Most Grand Prix (Czech Republic) in August. Renault Trucks - MKR Technology ended the European Truck Racing Championship this week-end on the top step of the podium with the European Champion’s crown! The team finishes the competition in first place, 27 points ahead of its nearest rival. This championship title, Renault Trucks' first, crowns a team which didn't even exist one year ago. An accomplishment that celebrates all the work done by the drivers, engineers and mechanics as well as the improvements made to the trucks throughout the season.