If there's one Truck Racing Grand Prix you shouldn't miss it’s the one at the Nürburgring! Every year, almost 200,000 spectators are drawn to this almost legendary track. So for 2011, to share the excitement and enthusiasm for this sporting discipline with as many people as possible, Renault Trucks has decided to stream it live on its website as well as on the various sites in European countries where Renault Trucks is active. Be there on 9 and 10 July next!


On Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 July, the truck engines will be roaring on the Nürburgring track during four Grand Prix races, during which the Renault Trucks MKR team promises to deliver some more fine performances. But this year, you won't even need to travel to Germany to experience the excitement with the 200,000 or more other aficionados who will already be at the track, eager to witness one of the best races of the season.


All you have to do is connect to or one of the other Renault Trucks European Internet sites. For in order to share the passion for truck racing with the largest possible audience, Renault Trucks has decided to broadcast this Grand Prix event live (by streaming) via the following link


In addition, as during every Grand Prix weekend, the Renault Trucks Racing videogame for iPhone can be downloaded for free.   

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