European Truck Racing Championship 2012: Renault Trucks’ sole aim is to win!


One aspect of the close relationship Renault Trucks has with its customers and drivers is the passion for trucks it shares with them. Fully committed to the sport of Truck Racing since 2007, the manufacturer reaches the highest steps on the European Team Championship podium in association with MKR technology: European Champion in 2010 and Championship runner-up in 2011. For the past two years, Renault Trucks has supplied its partner with its “engine” technology and assistance during the races.Standing out with its impressively original and sharp design created by the Renault Trucks Halle du Design, the Premium Racing demonstrated that it was also one of the best performing vehicles in the competition. In the course of these recent seasons, the manufacturer has been able to share its passion and enthusiasm with its customers and the general publicvia the Truck Racing by Renault Trucks videogame, which can be downloaded free of charge on the site (PC version). A free version of this game for smartphones and iPad is also available. For the 2012 season, the aim remains the same - to win!

Renault Trucks has been a major competitor in truck racing since 2007. This commitment enables Renault Trucks to combine passion, competitive spirit and high technology. Extremely popular in the world of trucks, Truck Racing allows the manufacturer to enhance its image among members of the general public and build strong ties with its customers. The partnership between Renault Trucks and MKR Technology in these races enabled the whole team to start from scratch and rethink the vehicle's design in a new light to create a new Renault Trucks Racing identity.

Season after season, spectators' enthusiasm for truck races during the FIA European championship never flags. Over 550,000 of them attended events at the tracks in 2011.

This enthusiasm can also be found on Internet. The sitewill be featuring videos which will also be posted on video sharing sites such as YouTube or Dailymotion after each championship event.Fans with a Twitter account will also be able to sign up to the official account: @RT.Racing.

This technological showcase enables the manufacturer's subsidiaries to use Truck Racing events every year to invite their customers and highlight their products and services. In 2011, Renault Trucks invited almost 16,000 customers to experience the excitement of the races at the trackside.

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