A Truck racing festival weekend at THE Nürburgring!



In truck racing, even more than in Formula One, the Nürburgring weekend is something very special, since it is the most popular of the season. The 2011 edition remained true to form with many spectators coming in family groups and maintaining this meeting's wonderfully good-humoured atmosphere. Renault Trucks-MKR Technology delivered flawless reliability and left Germany with two podium places to its credit. Performance levels were up and the team is looking forward to the second half of the season with great optimism. Over 2,000 people were welcomed to the Renault Trucks Germany terrace overlooking the track and in the Renault Trucks Racing tent during the three days of the event. Finally, visitors were particularly excited to see the Premium Truck Racing vehicles, the Cape to Cape Kerax, just back from the Berlin-Breslau rally and the Magnums specially decorated for the occasion!


Every year between 150,000 and 200,000 truck enthusiasts meet up in Germany for the race of the truck racing season on the Nürburgring track. The 2011 edition maintained this tradition with 212 000 visitors and even enjoyed outstandingly favourable weather until midday on Sunday! As usual, a highly festive, family atmosphere prevailed throughout the weekend.


On the track, spectators were treated to a superb show with races even more hotly contested than ever, particularly during the qualifiers with the front runners separated by only a few tenths of a second. Thanks to even better performance and flawless reliability, Renault Trucks-MKR Technology left Germany with two more podium places to its credit! The team is still second in the overall rankings with 340 points and its drivers respectively 3rd (Markus Oestreich, 158 points), 5th (Adam Lacko, 137 points) and 7th (Markus Bösiger, 113 points). The second half of the season is going to be really exciting! 


For this major event of the season, Renault Trucks Germany had pulled all the stops out, inviting more than 3,000 guests during the three days who were able to enjoy an amazing view over the track from the terrace. Stefano Chmielewski, CEO of Renault Trucks SAS, was one of them.


Around the track, customers and other spectators had the opportunity of admiring two Premium Truck Racing special edition vehicles, a Cape to Cape "veteran" Kerax which was just back from taking part in the Berlin-Breslau rally and three Magnums specially decorated for the occasion. The vehicles on display were the work of a Romanian designer who, only a few weeks previously, had won a design competition organised by Renault Trucks Germany. In particular, everyone loved his Magnum which had a radiator in the form of a half open zip fastener revealing the engine behind! In fact, customers and the general public were so enthusiastic that Renault Trucks may decide to produce a special edition featuring this innovative design!


The next race in the European Championships will be taking place at Smolensk in Russia on 30 and 31 July.