A double win for Renault Trucks in the 24 hour Truck Race


For the last race of the season, Renault Trucks-MKR Technology pulled off a fine one-two on the Le Mans Bugatti track. Markus Bösiger was first over the line with team-mate Adam Lacko less than one second behind. Over 5,000 customers and drivers had been invited by Renault Trucks to witness this fine achievement. The eighty vehicles on show during the weekend took to the road on Monday morning, on their way to dealerships in the Renault Trucks network. They were driven by Vehicle Delivery Specialists whose regular work involves vehicle handovers to customers.

A splendid one-two to round off the season on the Le Mans Bugatti track! Renault Trucks – MKR Technology pulled off this fine performance in the second race on Saturday, with Markus Bösiger winning less than one second ahead of team-mate Adam Lacko. On the Sunday, Markus Bösiger just missed another victory during the weekend, by less than a second, but still had a very fine second place.

In the allover team rankings, the MKR Technology team finished on the third step of the European Championship podium, while in the driver rankings Adam Lacko finished in 5th position with 227 points and Markus Bösiger 6th with 201 points.

Around the track, Renault Trucks used the event as a commercial launchpad for the T range, with over 5,000 customers and drivers taking up the manufacturer’s invitation to attend. Eighty Renault Trucks T vehicles had been brought together in the MMArena stadium close to the Bugatti track. “We had an opportunity to have lengthy discussions with our customers and drivers attending throughout the weekend,” explained Florence Guichard, the Renault Trucks Marketing Manager for France. “Everyone admired the new truck and those who have yet to drive it can’t wait to have the opportinity! They will be able to drive it this week at their local dealers’, since the eighty trucks brought together at Le Mans took to the road on Monday to reach the various dealerships. They were driven by Renault Trucks Vehicle Delivery Spacialists, those who regularly perform the vehicle handover to our customers.

Furthermore, in the paddocks on the Bugatti tracks, Renault Trucks had set up a huge tent for members of the general public. Inside, the story of the various stages involved in developing the Renault Trucks T were illustrated by photos, scale models, a cab in cross-section and two Renault Trucks T “white” pre-production models. In the open air, ten Renault Trucks T vehicles were on show. “Throughout the weekend, 20,000 visitors visited the tent,” said Florence Guichard, with satisfaction. “The public’s interest was really aroused by the new Renault Trucks T with its very distinctive design, and huge numbers of people visited the cab in cross-section! We were delighted by the enthusiasm shown by customers and drivers as well as by the general public and this has given us great confidence in the future.

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