By earning podium places during all four races in the penultimate Truck Racing Championship weekend of the season in Jarama (Spain), the Renault Trucks drivers have put the team in a very favourable position for winning the 2012 crown. Over 300 customer guests invited by Renault Trucks were able to watch the races and benefit from the several attractions and activities provided for them by Renault Trucks Spain-Portugal.

Having become masters in the art of consistency, the drivers of the Renault Trucks MKR-Technology team picked up four podium places out of four races during the 10th and penultimate meeting of the season at Jarama (Spain). Markus Östreich claimed the first podium place by arriving third in the first race on the Saturday, imitated by Adam Lacko a few hours later (with a 2nd place) who turned in a repeat performance during the last race of the weekend. During race N°3, it was Markus Bösiger's turn to come in 3rd followed by his two teammates respectively in 4th and 5th place. This consistency pays dividends in terms of team rankings, since the Renault Trucks MKR-Technology team is still in the lead with 941 points just one race away from the end of the season.

Over 300 customers were there to watch the races throughout the weekend and share their enthusiasm for racing with Renault Trucks. In the village, the manufacturer displayed several vehicles from its range: a Master by Renault Trucks, a Premium Optifuel, the Premium Truck Racing special edition and certain Selection used vehicle offers. This event was also an opportunity for Renault Trucks Spain to present the Magnum Legend N°63 to a Spanish haulier born in 1963! One of the Sherpa which took part in the Cape to Cape expedition was also on show, once again demonstrating this vehicle's popularity with visitors. The Truck Racing game simulators and the boutique also drew the crowds, while throughout the weekend, the TruckDriver Club welcomed many drivers wanting to join and assert their affinity with the brand.

The manufacturer looks forward to meeting all its fans next weekend, on the Bugatti track at Le Mans, for the final event in the 2012 season!