With five podium places, including two victories, Renault Trucks has one of its finest weekends of the season on the circuit at Zolder in Belgium. The 2,200 customers invited by Renault Trucks were able to enjoy the show to the full thanks to the extensive attractions and facilities set up close to the track for their benefit.

The end of the truck racing season is drawing closer, but the Renault Trucks MKR Technology team has not yet said its final word. By earning five podium places including two firsts, one for Markus Bösiger on the Saturday and one for Adam Lacko on the Sunday, Zolder saw the Renault Trucks MKR Technology team achieve one of its finest performances of the season.

From the very first day, the Renault Trucks team asserted their authority on the track with a well earned second place for Adam Lacko in the first race. In the second race, they came within a hair’s breadth of pulling off a one-two-three. Markus Bösiger and Markus Oestreich brilliantly made off with the first two places, while only metres away from the finishing line Adam Lacko was forced to give up the third place he had held on to throughout the entire race.

The next day, Markus Bösiger was on the third step of the podium after the first race, with his fellow team members not far behind. The second race gave Adam Lacko the opportunity of giving his team another victory! Markus Oestreich did not manage to repeat his success of the previous day, finishing fifth, while Markus Bösiger had to abandon the race after a collision half way through. After this exciting weekend, the Renault Trucks MKR Technology team are still the front runners in the Team Championship stakes with 848 points and Adam Lacko is now third in the individual rankings with 274 points.

This highly charged weekend was watched by over 2,200 customers invited by Renault Trucks Belgium. To make sure they got the most out of the racing thrills, the manufacturer had set up its tents right next to the track so that they could get a fine view of the race. Throughout the weekend, customers could also try their hand at driving a racing truck thanks to the simulators made available to them. A photo zone even gave them the opportunity of being photographed inside the cab of a Renault Trucks Racing by means of a clever photomontage system. And this time, for the enthusiasts, the Renault Trucks boutique was set up in a semitrailer coupled to a Magnum.

The Zolder races also served as a platform for the manufacturer to display the models in its range: the Magnum Route 66, the Premium Long Distance Truck Racing special edition  and the Master and the Premium Optifuel which served as the pace truck for each race.

The next date in the calendar is 7 October at Jarama in Spain - for the penultimate event of the season!