With two victories on the German Nürburgring track, the Renault Trucks team drivers and vehicles stamped their mark on the most popular Truck Racing event of the season. Throughout the entire weekend, Renault Trucks welcomed 4,500 customers and showcased various different "racing" themed vehicles from the Master to the Magnum.

The rain did nothing to deter masses of spectators from descending on the Nürburgring track. Despite the ceaseless downpour throughout the weekend, a crowd of over 200,000 gathered to see the Renault Trucks drivers reach the top of the podium on two occasions. Under difficult conditions, Adam Lacko came out on top in the very first race of the weekend. Markus Oestreich for his part rounded up the two day event with a triumphant first in the last race.

In the course of this major meeting in Germany, the Renault Trucks subsidiary welcomed more than 4,500 customers, as well as members of the Renault Trucks TruckDriver Club in the VIP areas where they could watch the various races under ideal conditions. The vehicles on display included two Premium Long Distance Truck Racing special editions, two Magnums in the Renault Trucks-MKR Technology team colours and a "Truck Racing" themed Master. Outside the track, in Trucker Camp B3, a fenced off area devoted to exhibiting hundreds of trucks, Renault Trucks was displaying five Magnums decorated by Romanian designer Ionica Dogaru, who won the 2011 design competition organised to celebrate the first 20 years of this legendary vehicle.


The next Truck Racing weekend will be taking place in Smolensk, Russia.

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